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Ours is the first yoga studio in Olón, Ecuador. My partner, Mike, and I converted a charming but failing hostal into a Boho Haven with an open air studio on the top floor. We've poured our hearts into this space and are honored to share it with all who pass through. 

Guests at La Española enjoy private bathrooms, free wifi, and hot water, with access to yoga classes and healthy meals on site.

La Española Hotel
The Studio

I live in the most charming little town on the Ecuador Coast, Olón, running a B&B with a relaxed vibe. A 3 minute walk from the beach, a short ride to nearby Montañita - a party town popular with backpackers, as well as beautiful day trips and adventure tours -The culture is rich and the weather is fine. Check out some pictures below.

Getting Here: From the airport you'll take a taxi to "Terminales de Transportes" or "Los Buses" - it's just a few minutes from the airport. From there, the best bus to take is "Cooperativa Libertad Peninsular" or just "CLP". They are located on the top floor, away from the other ticket offices. Tickets are 6 or 7 dollars to Olón and the buses leave often. 

You'll take the bus to the very last stop on the route. When you get off the bus, cross the main road and walk toward town. Make your first right and walk two blocks toward the beach. We will be on your left in a 2 story olive green and white building with a red and yellow gate. If all else fails, ask for La Española - most of the townspeople know where we are. We are only a 3 minutes walk away from the stop.