Gentle Yoga is a slow paced, well-supported, smooth practice that will put you back in touch with your internal rhythms.

Hatha incorporates asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), and various forms of meditation. The challenge is up to you as I'll offer moves for advanced yogis and beginners alike.

Vinyasa teaches us to flow through life and from one pose to the next while matching our breath and movement. It's as much of a fast-paced work out as it is a moving meditation.

Yin aims to open and release tension with long holds in restorative postures. We use little muscular exertion and instead focus on the fascia and connective tissue, strengthening our joints and opening our bodies as we turn our attention inward. 

Class Descriptions

Class Schedule

Hello! I am currently teaching Dynamic Flow Yoga (Vinyasa) on Thursdays at 6pm ​here in Marshall, NC at Magictown Movement Studio. Feel free to message with questions ~ I'd love to practice with ya!

Trained in Hatha Yoga, I teach Vinyasa, Gentle, and Yin Yoga, but I also like to keep it fresh, experimenting and bringing in elements from different styles.

Yogini Stephanie

 For More Information, Call +1 (828) 747 - 5900